Health and Fitness: 9 Sneaky Ways to Pay Less for Nutrient Dense Food

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If you do most of the grocery shopping in your family, you already know that foods that are good for your health and fitness tend to be more expensive than foods full of empty calories. Fortunately, smart shopping and easy DIY substitutes will help you to eat better for less.

Bagged produce: Mother Nature is amazing but she doesn’t design every onion to weigh exactly half a pound. Put those bags of bulk produce on the scale and select the heavier ones. The savings will add up.

Oatmeal: Stop paying too much for granola. Pour a thin layer of oats into a heated frying pan and toast for 4 minutes. Add any flavorings you like such as oil, vanilla and cinnamon.

Milk: Adding water is how whole milk slims down. Adjusting it at home can be like buying milk for half price.

Parboiled rice: White rice is cheap, but brown rice is healthier. If you don’t like the price or the taste, you can compromise with parboiled rice. It’s less processed than the regular white version but close in price.

Beans, lentils, peas: These traditional bargains are still some of the best deals, and they’re so versatile.

Herbs: You can grow herbs anywhere to give more flavor to all your recipes.

Hummus: Stop wasting money on store bought hummus. All you need are blended chickpeas, oil and tahini. Add horseradish or wasabi for extra spice.

Tea: Tea has important micronutrients and costs a lot less than soda.

Rain checks: Of course, most shoppers are trying to save money so half price kale specials may run out. Many stores will give you a rain check if you ask so you can get the bargain price on your next visit.

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