5 Color Coded Eating Choices to Go With Your Weight Loss App

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Food Colors

To take off pounds with your weight loss app you need to focus on what you eat as well as how much you exercise. You could handle the eating part by studying a big book about the science of nutrition or you could just pick your foods according to their colors.

You may have heard experts advising people to eat like a rainbow. That’s because a colorful plate is likely to cover all your nutritional needs with fewer calories. It’s simple to get started.

Say goodbye to beige: If you are like a lot of people today, your diet may look kind of boring. Processed foods tend to be some shade of brown. Once you start eating more natural whole foods you’ll automatically be introducing more colors into your world.

Get vibrant: When you’re buying fruits and vegetables look for the brightest colors to get the most freshness and nourishing phytochemicals. They’re the powerful antioxidants and other substances found only in plant products.

Pick three or more: Each color group of fruits and vegetables has its own special vitamins and minerals so aim to sample some of each. Plan meals with at least 3 of the following: green, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and white. You’ll soon find that counting colors is simpler than counting calories.

Distinguish between whites: Of course, white bread is totally different from cauliflower. Cut down on manufactured foods but hold onto the foods that are naturally white.

Beware of artificial dyes: Similarly, fake blueberries in a breakfast cereal don’t count. There are rising concerns about the safety of synthetic ingredients that are used to make food look more attractive. Check the label for products that use ordinary spices instead.

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