7 Ways to Warm Up Your Exercise Motivation with Cold Cash

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Money isn’t everything, but it can provide a powerful incentive when it comes to exercise motivation. Consider these affordable ways to use money to get you moving.

Place a friendly wager: Make a bet with yourself or with a friend about how much distance you’ll run this month or how many pounds you’ll take off. Everyone comes out a winner because you’ll be developing a healthy lifestyle.

Buy workout gear: Maybe you’re curious about resistance bands or ready to face the fact that your yoga mat has seen better days. Shopping for the right accessories will make you eager to go try them out.

Impose a fine: Charge yourself a dollar for every day you don’t climb on the treadmill or every week you miss your CrossFit class. Use the money to buy yourself that yoga mat.

Raise money for charity: You can also help others while you’re at it. Sign up for a fun run and ask your friends to sponsor you.

Calculate your health care savings: If you’re the frugal type, you can even keep your wallet closed. Just think about all the money you save by taking care of yourself. Regular exercise lowers your risks for serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Reward yourself: Show yourself a good time after an especially productive workout. Splurge on theater tickets or a new sweater.

Drop hints about what you really want for your birthday: Who doesn’t like a thoughtful gift? Save you and your spouse the horror of pretending you like coffee cups with old jokes printed on them. Suggest a trip to your local bike shop so you can ride together.

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