Health and Fitness: 11 Principles for Clean Eating

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Clean eating has become a buzzword for smart health and fitness choices that experts have advocated for years. While clean eating means different things to different people, these are 11 principles to keep in mind to cash in on the benefits.

Emphasize whole foods. The heart of the movement is choosing foods in their natural state and avoiding processes that add or subtract ingredients. There’s a big difference between natural peanut butter and brands that add a ton of sugar.

Cut back on sugar. Speaking of sugar, most of us are using way too much. The World Health Organization recommends a daily limit that is less than a can of soda.

Switch to good fats. On the other hand, most people need to get at least 20% of their calories from fats. Make them goods ones like olive oils and fatty fish.

Forget about forbidden foods. Depriving yourself of cookie dough ice cream can cause extreme cravings Have a small serving of your favorite treats occasionally.

Decipher the labels. It’s hard to avoid all convenience foods. Check labels to limit the damage.

Do it yourself. Better yet, home cooking lets you control what you’re getting. Baking bread is easier than you think.

Do not skip breakfast. It’s easier to walk past the office vending machine after a bowl of oatmeal.

Drink more water. Unlike soda and alcohol, water suppresses hunger with zero calories.

Exercise regularly. Physical activity is the other half of the fitness equation.

Shop more often. You may need to make extra trips to the grocery store. Lettuce doesn’t last as long as Twinkies, but you’re worth the effort.

Think globally. Clean eating is good for you and the world. Think about green practices like buying local to protect our food supply.

Clean up your act with our fun, free fitness app. It’s another one of those small choices that pays off big.

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