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Fade & scale

Fade & scale example

Positioned with CSS: Overlays are horizontally and vertically
centered with CSS, without any JavaScript offset calculations,
therefore remain centered even if their height change.
Suitable for responsive web design: Overlays are fully
customizable with CSS and will adapt to any screen size
and orientation. You can set a flexible minimum and maximum
width and height to the overlay, as well as media queries.
Always visible: If the height of the overlay exceeds the
visible area, vertical scrolling will be automatically e
nabled to prevent the off-screen content from being unreachable.
Accessible: Keyboard navigable using Tab key. WAI-ARIA roles are
added automatically if missing. Text resizing or zooming will
not break the layout, visibility, or position of the popup.
Device independent: Works well on desktops, tablets, most
modern phones and other devices. Optimized and tested in
all modern browsers including IE7+, and in new versions
of popular screen readers including JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver.
Flexible and customizable: Supports multiple popup instances,
custom CSS3 animations and transitions..

  I accept the licence terms

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