The end of the NexTrack App Era

As many of you know, we re-launched our Sworkit product in 2014 and it has turned into a HUGE success. We found that most people really wanted an easy way of just being told what to do with quick adaptable exercise routines (Sworkit) and preferred that to using a game-like system to track their routines […]

Health and Fitness: 11 Principles for Clean Eating

Clean eating has become a buzzword for smart health and fitness choices that experts have advocated for years. While clean eating means different things to different people, these are 11 principles to keep in mind to cash in on the benefits. Emphasize whole foods. The heart of the movement is choosing foods in their natural state […]

7 Ways to Warm Up Your Exercise Motivation with Cold Cash

Money isn’t everything, but it can provide a powerful incentive when it comes to exercise motivation. Consider these affordable ways to use money to get you moving. Place a friendly wager: Make a bet with yourself or with a friend about how much distance you’ll run this month or how many pounds you’ll take off. […]

5 Color Coded Eating Choices to Go With Your Weight Loss App

To take off pounds with your weight loss app you need to focus on what you eat as well as how much you exercise. You could handle the eating part by studying a big book about the science of nutrition or you could just pick your foods according to their colors. You may have heard experts […]

7 Easy Steps for Making Inline Skating Part of Your Fitness Game

If treadmills bore you, try toning your legs the fast and fun way by making inline skating part of your fitness game. Rollerblading is not just for kids. It is a great workout for adults too so take a look at these 7 ideas for getting started. Understanding the health benefits of inline skating: Skating […]