Don’t want to carry device?

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Ok, we realize that some of you don’t have pockets or an armband, or simply just don’t like the bulk of a phone/iPod on your streamlined body. Now we have a solution for those of you who really not want to carry your phone/iPod on your body!

We now allow “non-validated” activities, where the phone/iPod does not have to be on your body.

Note that you will get fewer points for times we cannot validate, but you will still qualify for rewards.

To track a non-validated activity:
1) Start Nexercise, pick your activity and start tracking.
2) Do your activity and leave your phone anywhere you want. On the treadmill tray, in your purse, on the floor, in your locker, on the side of a cliff… we don’t care where! 🙂
3) Stop Nexercise when you’re done, and submit the activity.

That’s it. Feel free to let us know how it goes.

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