More about Nexercise+FourSquare

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Where can I check-in?

Nexercise will give you credit for check-ins to the following categories:

Baseball, Baseball Field, Basketball, Basketball Court, Bike, Cricket, Dance Studio, Football, Golf Course, Gym / Fitness, Gym, Hiking Trail, Hockey, Martial Arts, Other – Parks & Outdoor, Park, Parks & Outdoors, Playground, Pool, Rec Center, Skate Park / Spot, Skating Rink, Ski Area, Soccer Field, Soccer, Stadium, Tennis, Tennis Court, Track, Water Park, Yoga Studio

If you know of an existing FourSquare Category that is health-related but not listed above, email support at or leave feedback through the app itself.

Why should I use FourSquare?

Some advantages FourSquare has are:

(a) FourSquare has its own financial benefits.
(b) You can announce your check-ins on FB and Twitter if you’re into that.
(c) You can become Mayor of FourSquare places, which sometimes has advantages.
(d) FourSquare has its own badges which you can get in addition to Nexercise medals.
(e) FourSquare is integrated with many services because they are so popular, and this grows.

What would you like to do next?

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