How do rewards work?

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  • Ensure you have enabled location for Nexercise since we determine rewards by location.
  • After each exercise, you have a chance to win a reward.  There are two types:
    1. An in-app reward will come up with a “Choose 1 of 2” button on it. You can choose the reward or choose the bonus points instead.  If you have in-app rewards, you will have a banner image which goes to the list.  They stay in that list until they are redeemed or until they expire (yes, they expire).  P.S. You must post any “Free” rewards to Facebook or Twitter to receive them.
    2. If you are not anonymous, a Kiip reward will show in a window with your email address pre-populated. Kiip has offered gifts such as Best Buy gift cards, flowers, and more.  Ensure this email address is correct, and check your email (including any spam folders).  Further instructions for redeeming Kiip rewards are in the email.
  • You can also get third-party, indirect rewards.  For example:

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