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Social Media, Marketing, Product Evangelist, Loveable Interns

Locations: Any Major Metropolitan Area (New York City, Boston, LA, San Fran)

Are you passionate about making a change in the world? Are you tired of the growing rate of obesity and diabetes in the US?  Do you have an iPhone and can express sentiments in 140 characters or less?

If so you might be the person we are looking for.

Nexercise is a mobile gaming startup that is challenging the BROKEN exercise and health industry, by trying to get people to do one thing more often- MOVE.

We are looking for passionate interns to evangelize Nexercise on college campuses, to health clubs, to your mamma, and the general public.  If you want to make an impact and get really cool product marketing experience, this is the opportunity for you!

Interns must

  • must make a two-month commitment
  • can work remotely

Outstanding interns will be considered for long-term opportunities.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Own or have personal access to an iPhone
  • Tweet us at @Nexercise and rise above the noise
  • Link Nexercise to your Facebook Account (why…? Because we want to see if you’re really trying us out! )

For those eligible for course credit, Nexercise is happy to provide a supporting reference to your university based upon internship performance.

To apply, please rise above the crowd and apply by sending an email to info (at) with your resume and a short paragraph of why we should pick you.


Back-end Guru

Locations: Anywhere with reliable internet connection

Nexercise is looking for a backend Java Developer who can commit a minimum of 20 hours a week to help take the company to the next level.

We are doing extremely well in terms of growth and have been featured in numerous press outlets such as Reuters, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post!  (  We recently signed on NBA Legend Dominique Wilkins to help promote our product.

We are looking to ramp up our infrastructure and accelerate our backend development.  The beginning of 2012 is coming, and it’s the most important time in the health and fitness industry.  Help us prepare for this huge growth opportunity as people make resolutions to better themselves.

Specifics Skills/Traits we are looking for:

  • Java Mastery (Grails Experience is a huge bonus)
  •  Hibernate (and I’m not talking about sleeping!)
  • REST Wizardy (and I’m still not talking about sleeping!)
  • Own an iPhone (since we are only iPhone right now, we need you to be able to test too!)
  • Preferably own a Mac (it will help if you need to run the simulator)
  • Willingness to do at least 15 minutes of walking (or any other physical activity) a day
  • If you have AWS and/or scalability experience, you will get much love and it could make the difference

If interested, please contact info (at)

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