Non-validated time

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If you have iOS5 and plan to keep the device on your body, you will get fully validated time, so you can skip this topic. :-)

Otherwise, if you do one of the following, please keep reading.

  • Run Nexercise in the background on iOS4.
  • Run Nexercise in the foreground but not on  your body.

We do allow “non-validated time” time in either of the examples above.

Note that you will get fewer points for times we cannot validate, but you will still qualify for rewards.

To track non-validated time:

  1. Start Nexercise, pick your activity and start tracking.
  2. Do your activity and leave your phone off your body, or put Nexercise in the background.
  3. Stop Nexercise when you’re done, and submit the activity.

That’s it.

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