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“I am a diabetic and a few months after starting to use Nexercise, my doctor called to tell me my numbers were the best she’d seen them.” – Shawna


“I’ve lost 80+ pounds and am now toning everything” – Ashley B.


“Having Nexercise on my mind made me want to hurry up and and do what I had to do so I could exercise.” – Patricia T.


“I have lost 10 pounds and maintained it.” – Tony O.


“Since I started using Nexercise, I’ve lost a total of 28 pounds. I have dropped 4 pants sizes and my energy has improved dramatically” – Nancy T.


“In the last 14 weeks, I have lost 15.5 kilos (34 pounds) thanks to the support of Nexercise” – Annette


“I am now off of my blood pressure meds.” – Irene C.


“I know that I have to stay between 9k and 10k points per month to maintain my desired fitness level.” – Carl M.


“I’ve made more progress than I ever dreamed was possible in such a short time!” – Juanita D.


“I have lost 20lbs in two years and kept it off. Seeing the points accumulate is fun, especially when one’s energy increases (calories burned) and the pounds go down.” – T. Hoffman, M.D.


“Nexercise is very easy to use, and the community and the points/medals make it fun and ADDICTING. I don’t leave home without my iPhone—there’s always an opportunity to earn points and medals and I don’t want to miss a single one.”


“I just had my physical and my doctor was blown away by how my numbers look now.”


“My workout partner suggested I start using the Nexercise app. I went from “meh, ok I’ll try it.” to “wow! I can’t believe how much it’s become a part of my life!” in just a few days! I’d started working out just a year ago, and had reached the dreaded plateau. I was stuck. But Nexercise provided me with that extra motivation I needed to keep going. I’ve found that I put more energy into every activity I do, because Nexercise has made it fun!”


“After trying many devices that cost an arm and a leg this application works seamlessly with no actual money invested! Five stars!!!”


“This is a pretty cool app. Makes you wanna work out! I’ll give this app 10 stars. Everyone should try this out and get motivated to keep Moving !!!”


“This app makes working out like a game! My sister and I are competing against each other and it just drives you THAT much harder!”


“I have not exercised in a long time, before Nexercise. Thanks for motivating me to do more and more. I love challenging myself!!”


“I’ve been using this app for five months. I have an incredibly unpredictable and very hectic schedule…. Nexercise helped me change the way I think about exercise. Instead of thinking that I had to find time to go to the gym, I started thinking about how I could get just 15 min. of exercise in a day. Now I usually find time for no less than 30 min. of exercise a day, and often more than that. It’s addictive, in exactly the way I need it to be….”


“I love Nexercise!!! – Nexercise is motivating me to exercise more!! My husband and I are competing against each other.”


“I found out about this app by a friend and im glad i took a look at it… I’ve downloaded lots of other exercise related apps and this is the only one i actually look forward using. I stay motivated and knowing that i can compete with friends makes it even better.. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking to stay motivated and just have fun… Love it!!!”


“I was never a big fitness guy, but Nexercise came along right around the time I decided to get in shape. The app’s competitive aspect makes getting into shape not nearly as arduous as it could otherwise be. Truth is, it’s fun racking up more points than your friends with the sculpted physique! I recommend Nexercise enthusiastically.”


“Best app ever!! I would recommend it to everyone!”


“…I honestly was intimidated by other apps because I can’t really run (not yet yet) and even riding a bike is difficult…Nexercise was amazing because I could walk, do some light aerobics and some yoga and feel great about myself and my progress.”


“Excellent app!… Just started a workout regimen and this thing is already keeping me motivated…”


“…The only way I am going to get back into (some) shape is by being forced or reminded to exercise. Yet nagging by the wife has not proved the answer. But Nexercise is easy, fun, and a helpful nudge all in one. I love it!


“This app is based off of the reward systems commonly employed by MMORPGs and other highly addictive games. Every little thing you do gives you experience, which goes towards gaining levels and medals. Great idea. This makes it instantly rewarding to exercise!”


“…It is such a great app to have it actually keeps me excited and motivated to work out!”


“…Any app that makes me want to work out even if I’m not really in the mood to is a winner in my book.”


“…Ok ‘exercise’ isn’t exactly my thing… But walking, raking the back yard, chopping wood, cleaning, etc is all stuff I do…and that’s exercise. So I really like this app. Thanks”


“I never usually rate apps but this deserves it. If I could I’d give it millions of stars not just 5.”




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