City Wellness Partners

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Nexercise is the ideal tool for city and municipal partners to use to incentivize their residents as part of their city or municipal wellness programs. Local businesses provide healthy lifestyle deals, which helps to spur the local economy, and city residents get the benefit of Nexercising to redeem those healthy choice deals.

For city and municipal partners, Nexercise can provide:

  • A financial boost to the local economy
  • Access to the data collected on user exercise activity and local buying preferences
  • A more fit community, which results in national prestige
  • Decreased health care costs and potential decreased worker insurance premiums
  • Excellent public relations on both the local and national levels with tremendous opportunities for positive media exposure.

Men’s Health magazine recently published the list “America’s Fattest Cities”. We think every city on the list needs to call us for a real solution to get off the list.

See other ways to partner with Nexercise:

To find out how you can get started as Nexercise City Wellness, email us at: [email protected]

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