Healthy Choice Partners

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Our Healthy Choice Partners increase their revenues by providing discounts and deals to users as incentives for getting fit. All Partners become associated with our healthy brand by providing discounts on healthy foods, physical fitness items, and lifestyle and apparel products and services.

We help you:

1. Increase Sales & Branding

Real-time Context Based Deals – Use input such as location, behaviors, exercise types and time to increase user follow through.
Dynamic A/B price & messaging testing – Determine optimal pricing and messaging of deals to maximize profits.
“Healthy Choice Partner”™ Association – Gain affiliation with a healthy brand and network of other health-focused vendors

2. Drive Customer Engagement

Trading & Gifting of Rewards/Deals – Users gain rewards/deals that they can use, trade or gift.
Dialogue through Social Media – Access opt-in social media information, such as Facebook, Twitter, & FourSquare to further engage customers.
PrizeCasting™ Bonuses – Users gain game points for posts to Facebook and Twitter that announce what the user has won or redeemed.

3. Gain Valuable Ethnographic Data About Current and Potential Customers
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Automatic tracking all behavioral activities/data (e.g. times exercised, types of exercise, places checked in, deals chosen)
One question quick-surveys – Quickly collect valuable data from users by exchanging additional game points for just seconds of their time.
Detailed demographic data (e.g. income, age, etc.) – Driven by users submitting data for additional game points.

With No Upfront Costs!!!

You determine what discount to offer. We just require you to provide three levels (Bronze / Silver / Gold) of deals.

You only pay us when one of our users redeems your specific deal.

See other ways to partner with Nexercise:

To find out how you can get started as Nexercise Healthy Choice Partner, email us at:[email protected]

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